About Us

The Daily Podium found its beginning in 2020 with a vision to provide readers with factual and detailed news. In our website, we focus on different categories like Entertainment, Finance, Sports, Travel & Lifestyle, and Science & Technology.

Produced by an editorial team, led by editor Bibek Khadka & Mukesh Singh, known for its quality, innovation, and integrity, The Daily Podium enjoys strong brand recognition among readers. Our detailed news on different topics provides full-fledged information to our readers so that, they can have true news.

In our Entertainment category, we generally talk about Celebrity News, Movies & TV/Web Series. Similarly, in Finance, mostly our readers get information about different Businesses, Investments, & Economic news. Likewise, Sports consists of match analysis, players transfers, and other exciting news.

Travel & Lifestyle is the categories where we provide our readers with news of different tourists location. We, furthermore, talk about culture and exciting places to visit. In Science & Technology, the latest scientific discovery, invention, or technology is discussed.

Taking full advantage of the resources and high ideals that have gone into making The Daily Podium, the quality news provider.

We would be more than delighted to receive your comments, views, and ideas. Help us to improve ourselves.

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